Krista Long


About Me


Racing has always been a big part of my life, and has brought my

 family to very close. I was only a few days old when my parents 

began taking me to the local track. As the years passed by, I

 practically grew up at Little River Dragway in Temple, TX. Every 

weekend my dad would load everything up in the back of my mom’s

 Suburban and we would be at the track from Friday evening through

 Sunday night. When I got older, I raced my daily drivers in “Street 

Legal” from time to time and helped my dad work on the races cars

 when I could.

I eventually ended up taking a job at Little River Dragway. As an 

employee of the track, I worked several positions and events. In 2013 

I met my husband John at the races while working the E.T. booth. A 

few years later he proposed in that same spot. John and I have traveled

 around the country racing. I have acquired a pretty good handle on

 weather changes in relation to how it effects the cars e.t. In addition to

 running the weather station and looking at E.T. predictions, I work on

 getting videos, photos, and other media for the team. On occasion I will 

still get behind the wheel and run a local footbrake race, but typically

 enjoy the behind the scenes part of the racing more than being on the